This is the second in a four-part series about living in harmony with your cycle in order to balance high standards with self-care. For more immediate information, download my free e-book: Lunar Living. To see the first post in this series, click here: New Moon – A Time to Shed.

The weeks after menstruation are my favorite of the month. It is a time where many women feel alive, vibrant, sociable and gorgeous. In fact, in studies of female lap-dancers, women earned on average $75 more per five hour shift during their follicular phase than during their luteal phase.

The follicular phase is just the term used to demarcate the phase in a women’s cycle where estrogen is the dominant hormone and follicles in the ovary mature. It ends with ovulation.

In thinking about this phase, it is again helpful to refer to the moon. The moon is waxing, growing larger every day as it approaches the full moon. Women are also going through a building process during this time. During your follicular phase, it is time to focus on creativity – on the “how” of your world.

How do you solve the problems you noticed last month?
How will you create more abundance, joy and vision in your life?
How would you live if everything you ever wanted was already true?

Physically, it is a time to think about building. Eating lean proteins, foods that are rich in B-Vitamins, pumpkin seeds and fish oil helps support your body, as does strength training and high intensity cardio exercise.

At work and at home, it is time to go out and have fun! Spend time socializing, start new projects, think creatively and dream big. RSVP “yes” to after work activities and take long hikes with your loved ones on the weekends.

If you have cycles shorter than 22 days, you feel irritable and overwhelmed during this time, or you are experiencing hot flashes, night sweats or pain with intercourse, it could be a sign that you’re experiencing estrogen imbalance. Dong quai & peony root are great allies during this time. It is best to consult with a trained practitioner or herbalist before starting an herbal regimen.

To learn more about balancing female hormones or dealing with low/high estrogen, please reach out! We can chat about everything you’re experiencing and you’ll leave with some actionable tips even if we don’t decide to work together. Click here to book your free, 30-minute, discovery call.



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