This is the last in a four-part series about living in harmony with your cycle in order to upgrade your self-care and gain more insight and awareness of your natural body rhythms. For more immediate information, download my free e-book: Lunar Living. To see the first post in this series, click here: New Moon – A Time to Shed.

If you watch the natural world during autumn, then you already have an idea of what the luteal phase is the phase in a women’s cycle is all about. The luteal phase (which is the term we use to denote the 2nd half of women’s cycles, from about day 15 – 28) is a time to nourish and organize.

The moon is waning and our cyclical winter is approaching and so it is a good time to be eating nourishing foods like root veggies, steamed apples, cooked foods and taking magnesium before bed. Physically, especially during the week leading up to your period, you’ll be feeling strong but also need more rest and so it is a good time to do lower intensity training and light cardio.

At work and at home, you might be feeling extra aware of what has been bothering you. Now is not the time to act on this, but instead to reflect on what is feeling good in life and what might need a little extra attention. Give yourself the gift of saying “no” to going out or being super productive. Allow space for organization, finishing projects, or just spending time in quiet contemplation.

PMS symptoms, reoccurring yeast infections, spotting before the start of menstruation, cycles that are shorter than 21 days, or longer than about 35 days might be signs of an imbalance. Blue vervain, yellow dock, Oregon grape root, and vitex can all be supportive. It is best to consult with a trained practitioner or herbalist before starting an herbal regimen.

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