This is the first in a four-part series about living in harmony with your cycle in order to balance high standards with self-care. For more immediate information, download my free e-book: Lunar Living


“She was devoted to the moon. In its darkness she found comfort, in its light, she found hope.” – anonymous

Your cycle is a powerful tool.

I know this sounds crazy, especially because in this culture we are often taught to despise, hide or ignore the natural rhythms of our bodies. The reality, however, is that as a woman, you have a huge natural gift when it comes to productivity, self-actualization and self-love.

The truth is, women are not built for 24 hour cycles or 40 hour work weeks, we’re built for a different rhythm, the lunar one. Our month-long cycles can give us insights as to how to live, eat, exercise, create our businesses and manage our households. Learning to operate within this cycle increases intuition, self-love, productivity, compassion and authenticity.

By living in harmony with your cycle (or the phases of the moon), you have an opportunity to experience profound alignment and connection with your soul and the natural world.

As many women have noticed or experienced, the new moon is the classic time for us to menstruate – to shed the energy from the previous month and begin a new cycle. Traditional thought holds that menstruating with the new moon elevates fertility and encourages conception around the full moon.

We typically look at new moons as times of inspiration and as a time to plant seeds for what is to come. The same holds true when looking at your cycle. During menstruation, you have the opportunity to surrender and focus on the “why” of your vision. Why does your life look the way it does? Why do certain things/people frustrate you? Why do you feel the way you feel?

Physically, it is a time to be gentle, stay warm and nourish yourself. Eating dark greens, warm soups and iron rich foods helps support your body as it sheds its lining and sets up a foundation for the month ahead.

At work and at home, it is a good time to evaluate the previous month and to RSVP “No” to any after-work socializing. Spend time instead journaling, taking long walks and enjoying some alone time. You’ll have time to socialize next week as your energy picks up.

If you tend to get a little crampy or uncomfortable the first day or two of your cycle, maybe consider making yourself a nourishing root decoction:

Nourish the Woman Tisane:
1 part Ginger Root (fresh)
1 part Cinnamon
½ part Fennel
¼ part Licorice Root

Bring water and herbs to a boil. Cover and simmer for 10 – 15 minutes.
Drink 3 – 4 cups a day, 1 TBS of herbs per cup of tea.

If your cycle starts or finishes with old looking or dark brown blood, it can be a sign that things aren’t circulating as well as they could be down there. A yoni steam is a yummy way to help restore vaginal health and clear out those old layers of the endometrium that were never shed in previous cycles.

My favorite way to start is simply with basil and rose. Yoni steaming is not for anyone with an IUD and it’s best to talk to a practitioner if you’re dealing with other health issues. For more information, check out this post by Soul Vibrance:

With the new moon in cancer this month, all the feels will be PRESENT, so take some time for your emotional health to journal, write down things you are grateful for and maybe take a nice nourishing bath with some fresh flowers.