So, originally, this post was going to focus primarily on the what and why of flower essences. It was uplifting, it was positive, it was blooming with references to gorgeous fields of summer flowers. And then Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and I had to leave the coffee shop I was writing at to sit in my car and cry before driving home to wallow in bed.

If it wasn’t already apparent, we live in a country that acknowledges women are victims of sexual assault and doesn’t care. A society where one in five women will be raped at some point in their life. A country where the partisan nature of politics has become so toxic that a man who not only was accused of multiple instances of sexual assault, but who LIED UNDER OATH multiple times, was elected to the highest, most prestigious position in the nation.

Watching Ford and Kavanaugh testify brought up a spectrum of emotions, fears, memories, and traumas I didn’t realize I was holding. As a feminist (a proud one!), it is a frightening and frustrating experience to realize how deeply cultural norms are ingrained in your own consciousness – so deeply integrated into your belief systems that, for years, you’ve viewed your own experiences of sexual assault and even an abusive relationship as your fault.

Deep inside my mind is a reproachful voice that asks me, “Well, what were you wearing? That tells me, “You were flirting with him,” and perhaps worst of all, reminds me, “it was your fault because you were drunk.”

Exterminating those toxic belief systems is probably the most difficult task I’ve ever faced. Because if it’s not my fault, then… I guess I have to acknowledge trauma I’ve been burying, I have to face conflictual aspects of my personality, I have to get up close and personal with things I’ve been trying to avoid for years.

What are Flower Essences?

And this is where flower essences come in (I got us there eventually). Flower essences are potent medicines that can be used to heal aspects of the soul and emotional body. Patricia Kaminski, co-director of the Flower Essence Society says, “The approach of flower essence therapy is to recognize the dignity of the human soul and to recognize the capacity of the human soul to age and become stronger.” Basically, flower essences work at the level of energy and consciousness to evoke specific qualities within us and heal longstanding energetic patterns and subconscious belief systems.

The positive changes we can experience from flower essences include feeling more joyful, confident, creative, and clear. They can also help bring more understanding of our relationships, childhood patterning, and attachment system. Flower essences can assist with anxiety, fear, depression, or any other lower vibrational emotions that are preventing us from living lives of purpose and passion.

Are Flower Essences Safe?

Flower essences are safe and effective remedies for anyone, from children, to animals, to the elderly. They are a good compliment to any healing modality and because they are vibrational remedies they have no contraindications.

Flower Essences for the Madness:

With all of that, here are a few flower essences for dealing with increasing political toxicity, the release of long-held sexual trauma, and the pain of Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment:

If all of this is causing massive anxiety:
  • Mimulus – mimulus is commonly used when there is fear or anxiety present, especially when there is a known cause – like fear of dying, of fear of losing rights. The mimulus flower is yellow, like the sun and the color of the solar plexus chakra and it helps us access a sense of courage and empowerment in times of darkness.
If you’re healing sexual trauma:
  • White Trumpet Lily – white trumpet lily is helpful for reintegrating sexuality and spirituality as a positive force of wholeness in the soul. It is often used when sexual abuse, trauma, or degradation have prevented a full expression of sexuality and depleted dignity and integrity in the soul. White trumpet lily carries the energy of the divine feminine.
If you’re just apathetic and over it:
  • Wild Rose – this is one of the original Bach flower essences and is a good jumpstart, encouraging vitality and internal devotion to life. If you’re feeling unmotivated, and unsure if change is possible, or if things feel joyless and hopeless, wild rose might be right for you. It encourages us to take action, reinvigorates us, and reminds us to embrace life no matter the circumstances.

For the month of October, I’ll be offering flower essence therapy sessions at a discounted rate of $45 for an hour session. We’ll dive into what you’re wanting to heal and you will leave with a personalized essence. To schedule, click this link.